Monday, January 3, 2011

14-Days Challenge

Today's the start of the resume of classes and the start of my 14-Days Self-Challenge! It's pretty much a good start of my plans for the year. I'm hoping this will yield awesome results so I can share it all with everyone! Unfortunately, I have no cam at hand, since I'v lost mine, and will be recieving a new one as a Christmas present from mom on the 3rd week of January! I'm really happy and excited to recieve it so I can produce good photos here at my blog! :) But what I am more excited of is the one I am recieving on my birthday this April! Better watch out everyone! :) For now, I'm back to school, ready for the usual all-nighter and ofcourse good clothes that comes with it! (It helps! Believe me!) I'm leaving with a picture of the gorg Katy Perry that gives a hint of some part of the challenge! So there, I hope everyone's having a good time now!



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