Saturday, January 1, 2011

HELLO 2011!

Carolina Engman

Rumi Neely

Aimee Song

Chiara Ferragni

photos stolen from their blogs (go click their first pictures)

HELLO 2011!
Happy New Year everyone! Since it's officially 2011, here are my inspiration for this year! Meet my fashion sisters for this year. As I've said, 2011 will be a fab and awesome year. You'll definitely seeing me in outfits inspired by these gorgeous ladies! A lot of shorts, blazers, lace, crop tops, short dresses. Ofcourse there'll be surprises every now and then. Really a MUST watch out for! I'm ready for 2011! Can't wait this beautiful year to unfold, definitely full of oppurtunities and love! AND OH... STYLE! :)
Cheers for a wonderful year!



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