Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 has been a great year for me (I hope everyone else had a good one too!). I am really this in love with fashion, clothes, photography and modelling. As I was looking how the year has been for me, I was so grateful to see that somehow I'm learning so much from the things I do. So just before I welcome a more awesome 2011, I want to do a recap of whatever I experienced this year!

1. Krizia Reamico Photography - Krizia is an excellent young photographer! I couldn't say anything bad about her. She knows how to do her work and really cares for her model so well. Late this year, we had a photoshoot, in preparation for my Samsung experience. Definitely one of the best I had!
2. Yan Ramirez Photography - Yan is my college blockmate during first year. I started with her and so I am so happy how well it continues. She's such a talented girl!
3. UST Cuties - I am so grateful to actually be included in the list!
4. The Button Owl - My happiness can't be explained when I was asked to be the Week's Guest Model for this famous blog! I really love her site and being a part of it is such an honor! :">
5. SAMSUNG X F21 ALTER EGO IN THE METRO - REALLY THIS MADE MY 2010 MEMORABLE! I've never done anything 'big' like this! I am so happy and grateful that they have invited me to do this. :'>

I'm not really bragging here or anything. I am really just so grateful of everything! Life's really awesome isn't? :) I can't wait for all the possibilities and oppurtunities waiting for me this 2011! May we all be grateful of what we have. Cheers lovelys!


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