Thursday, December 30, 2010


If you'd ask me what was my first obsession, I would say that BAG IS MY FIRST LOVE. No doubt with that. Since I was 3, everytime I go to the mall or abroad, I will surely have a new bag (or more!) with me when I return back home. I'm really a shopaholic at birth. I remember collecting a Hello Kitty Luggage in Pink, buying a set at HK when I was 6! Oh I love!
Right now, I'm currently into brown bags. I have a great feeling of having it as my default bag for the coming 2011. I'm used to having black colored bags. I still love them. But definitely brown bags will keep me (and my stuff) company this coming year! Hooray! I actually got one as Christmas present and I'd probably go buy one (or maybe all) of my picks here which can be found in Forever 21! So excited to go shopping!
Last Thursday of the year 2010! Are you guys already writing your annual New Year's Resolution? :)
Looking forward for a great year ahead!!!



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  1. Brown is a great color :D
    Come into my blog if you want, you're welcome :)
    Kisses and happy new year :)