Monday, December 27, 2010

Here are some of the things I like! All of them I only bought this last quarter of the year. These things makes me happy:
1. Boater's hat - I bought for my solo trip to Cebu City last November. I loved it ever since!
2. Parisian Black Pumps - one of the latest addition to my growing collection of shoes. I am so in love with this one. It's so sexy! And very inexpensive.
3. Trunkshow Brogues - this is my first flat shoes I bought with my own money. I never really buy flats for myself. But eversince I met 'Brogues', it changed my life forever. So stylish yet so comfy!
4. Forever 21 Black Leather Chain Bag - my side-kick. I use this everyday of my life since I bought it on the opening of Forever 21 here in Manila. Adorbs!
5. Janilyn flats - it has warmers in it and it's gray. So cutie patootie! I love this. One of my latest buys.

Been trying to train myself more on photography (What do you think?) to prepare for the coming of new babies (new gadgets) this January and April! I can't wait for them to come! Yay! Have a good day lovelys!



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